What’s in it for YOU?!

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Why should YOU book YOUR HOME INSPECTION with D & L Home Inspection?  

 What’s in it for YOU?


1. We work hard to provide you with a thorough, detailed home inspection!  We’re here to help & you’ll see that once you’ve allowed us the opportunity to help you with your home inspection needs.

 2. We provide our customers with thorough, detailed information regarding the practical & functional aspects of the home they’re looking to purchase.

 3. Our findings are presented in plain English, laymen’s terms, with coinciding digital pictures for ease of reference. All is professionally presented on-site in a typed & bound folder for you to take with you. 

 4. We  give  you  peace  of  mind!

 5. Whereas others use 1 hour per 1000 square feet as a rule of thumb to complete your home inspection, DLHI goes above & beyond spending sometimes up to 2 hours per 1000 square feet to assure we’ve given you the best quality job possible.

Each inspector will perform no more than 2 home inspections per day to assure our customers are given preferential treatment.  For the biggest investment of your life, you want a thorough job & we give you your money’s worth!

6. At the final review, we’ll provide you with expert opinion to help you to make the right decisions as to what should be addressed in & around the home.

7. We offer our customers sound advice for any questions that may arise regarding their home.

8. We offer home inspection services 6 days a week; 7 if necessary.  We will book only 2 per day (sometimes 1 a day depending on the size of the home) to give every customer the time & attention they deserve.  Weekend slots go fast so call now at 214-228-2963.  Listing agent & seller issues aside, we can complete your home inspection within 36 hours of order, guaranteed!

9.  DLHI does not “pay to play.”  That is, we do not pay advertising dollars to real estate agents or real estate offices in exchange for business.  This is a conflict of interest & as a customer purchasing a home, you should question those home inspection referrals that your realtor provides to you.   We rely on our impeccable service & referrals from satisfied customers, and realtors, to provide us with our daily bread. 

10.  DLHI provides customers with one-on-one, close customer service.  We do not focus on volume only like the multi-inspector firms or the franchise firms do.  Our focus is on our next customer’s needs, not “the next inspection.”

We Would Be Honored To Serve You And Your Family!  

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